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Federally Funded Programs

Federally Funded Programs

A.      EES provides tutorial services in mathematics and reading before, during and after school hours for students at risk for academic failure. Students eligible for these services attend non-public schools but reside in public school zones; are from low income families; and have low standardized test scores. These services are funded by Title I-A.

B.       EES provides professional development for non-public school faculty who have students that meet Title I criteria. These services are funded by Title II Part A.

C.       EES provides tutorial services to students at risk for failure who reside in homes for neglected youth. These services are funded by Title I Part D. 

C.       EES provides tutorial services to students at risk for failure who reside in homes for neglected youth. These services are funded by Title I Part D.

EES also provides supplemental educational services in reading/language arts and mathematics under the supervision of the regular classroom teacher for students residing in institutions for delinquent youth.

Additionally, we provide mentorship, counseling and serve as a liaison to juvenile justice systems and connect students with other social services deemed appropriate to meet the needs of this special population. Upon release from the institution, we initiate a three-way communicative transitional process which seamlessly acclimates students back into their home school. EES continues to track and work with these students by placing them into our College Track Program (CTP) which provides motivation and mentorship which serve to help students transition into college, vocational or technical schools after high school graduation. Our CTP eliminates the tendency to drop-out thus ensuring students’ matriculation through high school and college thereby creating productive citizens. These services are funded through Title I Part D.

SEA and LEA Partnerships

EES works closely with SEAs and LEAs as a third party contractor to provide educational services to students. We assist districts by keeping and maintaining critical documentation. We perform internal audits to ensure that we remain in compliance with federal mandates concerning our programs and services. We provide professional development seminars and in-services on a variety of topics which are tailored to meet the needs of district personnel.

Data Driven Practices

EES is committed to using methodology supported by the latest research relative to best practices in educational leadership and curriculum and instruction. We have a 100% success rate in increasing student academic achievement, teacher efficacy, and the leadership capacity of principals and central office administrators.